"The FreshBiz game just might be the best business game out there!
It delivers hours of fun, smart, quality time with friends, family, and team members...it's the boardgame of the future and we can't stop playing it!!!"


Imagine a New Business Board-Game which Gives You 
Hours of Fun, Smart, Quality Time with your Friends, Family, & Team Members.
Now that it's 2020, You DESERVE to Play a Smarter, Better, 
and More Dynamic Game.

nd With FreshBiz....NOW YOU CAN!

Yes! The time is now, to set out on a time-based Collaborative Quest, to the New Island of business, entrepreneurial thinking, and the skills of the future!

Almost 100 years ago, the Monopoly board-game about competition, fear-based thinking, and bankruptcy came out, and got picked up by households around the world. Today, it's time for an updated message; a business game that develops creativity, collaboration, innovation, and a new way of thinking...it's time for the FreshBiz Game!!

Played by over 100,000 people across 30+ countries; 
from students, business owners, families, and entrepreneurs to 
executives from companies like Microsoft, Adidas, EY, Hyatt, and Sony, 
the home-version of FreshBiz is now finally available for you!

...And how would you like to get it at the best price we've ever offered!?!?

FreshBiz is a unique and transformational business board-game and it comes wrapped inside a sleek black tin-box. In addition to all the game components, like avatars, money, cards, game instructions, and board, you also get a soft-cover copy of our 5-Star Book, “The New Entrepreneurz: Changing the Way You Play Life”, and Online Access to the Freshbiz Digital World (this includes special videos on the Unboxing, Game-Setup and Instructions, Bonus Tips and Tricks, Expanded Missions and Rules, the Entrepreneurial Philosophy of FreshBiz...and more!)

What keeps a new game, stimulating and exciting?
What keeps a new gift, fresh and appealing?  
It's Simple. The answer is VERSATILITY!

That's why, the FreshBiz Game will actually let you customize your experience...if you'd like! This gives you endless play scenarios based on real-life business skills and challenges you might want to work on, while also helping you unlock a new mindset. Simply choose from a variety of recommended bonus rules and missions.

Good energy, fun, bonding, skill-building, excitement, and collaborative winning, make up your FreshBiz Game experience, and it'll give you endless hours of dynamic off-screen fun and play for everyone!


Special Covid-19 Pricing! 
The FreshBiz Game is Now Available 
Instead of $149, For Only $99!!

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What FreshBizers Are Saying About The Game Experience!

Play With Friends
Empowering conversations with friends and family is awesome, but imagine how great it could be, when you invite fun and games into it as well! 
Grow Your Business
FreshBiz is the ultimate self development business board-game, so each time you play, you essentially train your brain to do smarter and better business!
Improve your Life 
Entrepreneurial Thinking coupled with the Skills of the Future, lets you seamlessly turn ideas into reality, and your life into a spectacular playground. 

"Transformation in a box! This game is positively changing both the dynamics of my family at home and my team at work...it's the perfect combination of fun, challenge, and real life application!"

When new scenarios arise, always ask 2 questions:
 1. What game are you playing?
 2. What does winning look like?

Don't Wait!
Life doesn't take turns, and you don’t need permission or approval. So spot and create opportunities, and play what you got when you got it!

Design Life:)
Instead of squeezing lifestyle into a break, a vacation, or a Sunday afternoon, the New Entrepreneurz design a life framework with desired lifestyle already built in.

"'The New Entrepreneurz' book is hands down one of the greatest books I've read in a long time. Filled with timeless wisdom, it's an incredible guide for how to play better and smarter in business. And then the FreshBiz Game actually gives you the platform to practice, practice, practice. Brilliant combination!!"

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